Pagakayaw Shawl


Pagakayaw shawl was elaborated with outstanding pattern, charming from the art of weaving yarn. No one can stop looking at its lively and attractive designs.

– This folk wisdom product is supplied from the local folk area. Therefore, colors and patterns may vary from images shown.

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Product Description

Pagakayaw shawl is the natural-dyed and hand-woven cotton fabric product made by the Pagakayaw ethnic group mostly residing in the mountainous areas of Omkoi District, Chiang Mai province and some rural districts of Tak Province.

The beauty and uniqueness of patterned fabric like no other. The folk wisdom of back-strap weaving loom which is a technique that is characterized by the Pagakayaw people generation to generation. The pattern imitates from nature, which is beautiful, attractive and enticing.

Dimensions: 46.5 cm x 180 cm (width x length)