Foldable Blanket in Pillow Shape (Pink)


The handwoven cloth is soft, comfortable and breathable. Ideal for travel. It comes in pillow shape that spread out will turn into a colorful blanket.

– This product is supplied from the local folk area. Therefore, colors and patterns may vary from images shown.

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Ban Kha Kai’s tailoring and product processing group, Sakonnakorn province, has applied the technique of handwoven to manufacture the foldable blanket in pillow shape. The valuable handwoven cloth has it the own traditional style that is unique. It was created into the travel kit included a pillowcase, a softie blanket, and a bag. The set comes colorful and portable.


Blanket size: 1.20 X 1.80 m(width X length).

Bag: 0.12 X 0.31 m (width X length).

Pillowcase: 0.23 X0.33 m (width X length).