All about Meow: A new exhibition at Phufa Treasure Trove

All about Meow: A new exhibition at Phufa Treasure Trove, 4th Floor Siam Paragon     Phufa Treasure Trove is a branch of Phufa stores, set up according to the wish of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn to bring craft products from rural and ethnic communities to urban consumers. Proceeds from sale of products contribute to development projects to support children and youth in rural areas all over the country. Phufa Treasure Trove is one branch with a special mission to create a cultural space where customers can enjoy learning about interesting topics in the form of small exhibition display. As we are moving into 2020, the Year of the Rat, Phufa Treasure Trove presents its partner and arch enemy in All about Meow, an exhibition of cats’ stories in history, folktales, art, literature, and science. Over many thousand years since their domestication, cats were once revered as a goddess in ancient Egypt as well as favorite animals to be mummified and placed in tombs. At other time, cats were seen as evil, animals of witches, and suffer many unfortunate fates.   Moving into modern time, cats have a more comfortable life as household pets, loved and cherished as…


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