King's Speech

“…Ten years had past, changes in the country obviously increased. Some numerical indicators are easy to observe, for example, in economic and business growth. Although our working areas are remote, it is still affected, not that the impacts are always bad, it could be both good and bad. That is the reason to think about what we can do for our people, for example, in skills and education improvement. When the country becomes more advanced and prosperous, it provides opportunity to people to improve themselves and to build up their wealth. The country and situations are open for advancement, but we have to think about whether the people in our care can improve with the open opportunity. For example, there are many new job opportunities now, many new occupations. Are our people ready to increase their wealth from these opportunities or new job openings or are they being disadvantaged by losing the opportunities to live peacefully in the villages and some may even lose their land or being influenced by those in the new system?

Are our people ready for this? …. For the other portion of students, we know that, from their intelligence and preparation from childhood, economic and political as well as their secondary school level, at least not for now…. ..Would significant but the best we can, which is occupation training….”

Excerpted from the Royal Speech of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, given on the occasion of presiding over the closing ceremony of the Seminar of Headmasters of the Border Patrol Police Schools at Dusit Dalai Pavillion, Chitralada Palace, Friday April 27, 1990. (Translated from the original Thai version)