Project’s Occupational Group

Northern Thailand
Tak province
Mae Sot
Tha Song Yang
Mae Ramat
Chiangmai province

A member of natural dye handwoven fabric “Pakakayor”, Baan Plarng Tae, Nagian sub-district, Omkoi district, Chiang Mai province

“… I generally weave myself fabric and turn it into shirts or totes. Weaving not much, just for within my family usage. But after teacher ( the hill tribe community learning center “Mae Fa Luang” ) asked me if I wanna weave fabric for the project (Office of H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Projects) so that I can make some money? Then I decided to weave more than before. I used to weave 1-2 pieces a year, nowadays 1-2 pieces a month. I used to weave only shirt and tote, I’ve been switching to weave scarf or shawl. It’s not difficult, just weave and deliver to the teacher. Waiting not too long, I’ve received money for my fabric. It’s good because it makes money for me and I can buy some necessary kinds of stuff for my household.
Nan province
Bor Klua district

A member of farm woman group, Baan For Laung, Bor Klua Tai sub-district, Nan province

“… I’ve been working process the herbal tea at Baan For Laung for many years. Herbs have been found right in Bor Klua. The neighbor in my village induced everyone to do this so that we can earn more. To be an employer in Bangkok or somewhere else is far away from our home, expensive cost of living. Working here at home is good, although earn not much but it’s enough to live because here (Bor Klua) has the cheap cost of living.” The group works together and separate the tasks like that one rinses the herb, that one cut, another one crushes or packs. After receiving the payment, it was divided proportionally: Who works more earn more, who works less earn less. It’s pretty fair…”
Charoem Prakiat district
Uttaradit province
Tha Pla district
Muang Uttaradit district
Northeast Thailand

Sakonnakorn province
Sukumal district

A member of handwoven fabric group, Baan Kha Kai, Na Pho sub-district, Kusumal district, Sakonnakorn province

“… Every household usually weave fabric. The member wants to weave a lot so that we can deliver them (handwoven fabric) to the palace (Bureau of the Royal Household). We want more orders each year, but understand that we have to find the new market on our own. Today, there are merchants come to deal with us, too , but not much. Our Baan Kha Kai has a lot of members, around 80 people, the elderly is quite a lot. They’re getting old and don’t know where to go, unlike those young people. I wish more blanket orders from the Phufa shop so that we can weave more and deliver to the consumer…”
Khok Srisupan district
Nakorn Panom province
Natom district
Khon Kaen province
Nong Song Hong district
Buriram province
Na Pho district

A member of mulberry plantation – silkworm farm – silk woven fabric group, Baan Nongbua, Donkok sub-district, Na Pho district, Buriram province

“…I feed silkworms with mulberry leaves that I plant myself. It’s quite informal, the group is operated by the member that’s available at that time. To weave a silk, you have to be patient. There’re a lot of processes to complete one piece. I guess the Bangkokian never see a silkworm (laughing) … Today it looks like a worm, shortly after that, it will grow up and won’t look like this anymore. Myself getting older, I can’t work somewhere else but still here, weaving at home. I wish the Bangkokian wears more silk fabric. Support me by buying my silk fabric, I would be happy…”
Ubon Radchathani province
Boontrict district
Sri Maung Mai district

Central Thailand

Chachoengsao province
Sanamchaihket district

A member of mulberry plantation – silkworm farm – silk woven fabric group, Baan Na Isan, Thakradarn sub-district, Sanamchaihket district, Chachoengsao province.

“… In the village, there’re many people can weave, but in simple folk’s technique. It’s quite not beautiful and cannot sell to anyone because they think it looks so ordinary… And we had no idea how to make it beautiful. Then, the project (from the HRH Princess Sirindhorn’s office) came to help, we were taught to weave fabric with professional skill. There’re training and study trips to observe other groups that make beautiful handwoven fabric. After seeing that, our group had the inspiration to do like that, because we normally had a necessary skill in weaving. For example, we’ve tried to weave the silk breast cloth and deliver to the project. The member was so glad that our product can be sold because we can earn more money to spend for the household, mostly for our children. If the project sends the orders us, we’re gonna do our best to weave on and on… ”

A member of reed-weaving farm woman group, Baan Na Yao Tha Kradarn sub-district, Sanamchaihket district, Chachoengsao province

“… I was coming to help them coating the glue. I can’t sew fabric anymore, my bleary eyes see things not clear. But the reed box like this, you have to coat with the glue to build a structure. I do what I can help. I’m too old to work elsewhere. The group’s members were coming from this neighborhood, spreading the word to join the group. I myself have a tiny job to earn some money, therefore, I’m glad…”
Ratchaburi province
Saun Pueng district
Southern Thailand

Narathiwat province
Maueng Narathiwat district
Rue Soa district
Takbai district

A member of occupation promotion group, Baan Sala Mai, Sala Mai sub-district, Takbai district, Narathiwat province

“…I was working for wages by embroidering. Sometimes I tailored clothes up to the order people give to me. The income was unstable. But after I’ve involved in the Occupation Promotion Group of HRH Princess, there’s regularly a manufacturing plan to work for. Members can divide tasks if someone’s busy, he/she consequently accept fewer tasks. I mainly embroider scarf. We have the sewing machine but it’s not impressive for embroidering. We help each other in the group, if someone’s not good in sewing, another one will take that. The pay I have in return is satisfiable. The more complex pattern that’s hard to sew, the more earnings. The incomes I’ve got, I add to the savings for my daughter’s education (the red shirt without turban). This one is a good student. She wanna be a doctor. So, I’m glad embroidering for the project…”

Sri Sakorn district

A member of occupation promotion group, Baan La Oh, Sri Ban Pot sub-district, Sri Sakorn district, Narathiwat province

“…Usually, at home, I didn’t do anything and earned quite nothing. Owing to live near the Border Patrol Police school (Baan La Oh), the teacher asked me if I want to join the occupation skill training? So, I tried. There’re staffs from Pikulthong center teaching me basketry… It’s not difficult, but you have to be careful. Begin with the box, then the basket. If you become more skillful that you can weave beautiful complex pattern, the teacher will get your works and deliver to the project (the Occupation Promotion Project of HRH Princess Sirindhorn) because living here is inconvenient to travel to anywhere…”
Ra Nong province
Maueng Ra Nong district
Ka Pour district
Pang Gna province
Tai Maung district
Kura Buri district
Trang province
Kantang District
Sikao District