Brand-New Phufa at Siam Discovery


Phufa Shop, one of HRH Princess Sirindhorn’s an occupation promotion projects, is reopened for the brand-new Siam Discovery under the concept of “The Exploratorium,” The ultimate form of the first hybrid retail store in Thailand. It presents the new idea to let customers enjoy the creativity in products, services, and activities to satisfy the lifestyles of people in the new generation who like to seek their own selves.


Phufa shop opened its first branch at Siam Discovery on 28 September 2001. It was found by HRH Princess Sirindhorn under Children in Remote Areas Development Fund. HRH Princess Sirindhorn gave the name of the shop as “Phufa” in order to be an outlet for quality handicrafts from any occupation promotion projects initiated by HRH Princess Sirindhorn. The shop creates the complete cycle of the production and marketing. Goods produced by local people have undergone the marketing process and delivered to the hands of urban customers. Hence, those local products will be systematically organized and local people will have the permanent store to distribute their goods. 


Products from HRH Princess Sirindhorn’s drawing


Coffee and Bakery Corner

The brand-new Phufa shop is relocated to the 3rd floor- Creative Lab and ready to ignite the inspiration and spark the creative ideas for all of you. Also, it serves as an oasis in the city center to be the place to rest and chill out, with the reasonable-price bakery and coffee corner. It’s open now. For more information please contact: 02-655-6242-3 and

 “Phufa shop “From the Local Wisdom to Sufficient Life”