Friends in Need (of “Pa”) 2015 the Organic Agriculture to Cerebrate 60th Birthday of HRH Princess Sirindhorn

Friends in Need (of “Pa”) Volunteers Foundation, Thai Red Cross, is going to hold the event, “Friends in Need (of “Pa”) 2015, the Organic Agriculture to Cerebrate 60th Birthday of HRH Princess Sirindhorn” during 18-27 December (10.00-21.00) at Suankularb Palace.

Assoc Prof. Dr.Pichit Suwanprakron, the Vice President of Friends in Need (of “Pa”) Volunteers Foundation, Thai Red Cross, reveals that “…for this year event, we still focus on the organic agriculture, emphasizing on the topic about the organic agriculture from the upstream to the downstream which generates a sustainable careers and income suitable for each area. Also, we introduce the new interesting agricultural technology. Moreover, this event is also the distribution channel to sell products from local people that the Foundation tries to promote their occupation. It is another way to generate income for those who are suffering from the natural disaster. The event is held around the end of the year, so it is such a good time that Thais will go out shopping in this event to find a New Year gift or a goods for personal use.   

For this year, the myriad of products still march in as usual. To begin with, 3 recipes of HRH Princess Sirindhorn’s mashed liver which are the normal mashed liver, Mazala mashed liver, Halal, and sausage & mushroom. From the beginning of Friends in Need (of “Pa”) Volunteers Foundation, we always focus on the suitability for those who suffer from natural disasters, without compromising the environmental well-being. The activities promoted by our Foundation is the testament that we put the environment first. That is why this year the Foundation booth will express its belief and concept through the product collection titled, “Nature Selections.” Products in this collection will be designed by using the pattern of a tree to represent our environmental friendliness. The products are ,for example, a plate mat, a notebook, a hat, a T-shirt. Moreover, we also introduce the new products to the market which are a yellow oil, a green oil, a balm, a Citronella oil for mosquito repelling, all carefully selected from 20 herbs so that our consumers will get the quality and affordable products. Not to mention, we also have a processed food from Riceberry Rice and other grains; for example, stuffed breads, cereals, or cookies. In the shop, you will meet a ton of souvenirs and gifts specially made for this event. More to come are the decoupage art from HRH Princess Sirindhorn’s workmanship and a various choices of gift baskets.

This year highlights are “A Road of Rice, Farm, Fish, Plant, and Organic for Online Lifestyle” to show that the organic agriculture does not need to be sold in the traditional market, but also, we can create the new distribution channel, like the online market which lets the merchants sell their products faster and more convenient. Also, we have “A Happy Market” where every kind of organic products will be sold. There are such outstanding zones to which people pay a lot of attention every year: the organic happy market, and “Palace Floating Market.” All of them have meticulously selected the quality products from the famous floating market near Bangkok (for more details, visit:

Phufa shop has brought an extensive series of local products. Specially for our customers, we also introduce the goods from HRH Princess Sirindhorn’s workmanship. There are nine choices of color for a polo shirt which are a white Hanuman, a yellow Surakarn, a dark pink Nilkan, a light pink Komut, a green Pali, an orange Surasen, a blue Phrayavarin, a dark blue Nilpakorn, and a white cloud Waiyabutr. There are 6 color options for a round neck T-shirt which are a white Machanu, a yellow Kumitan, a green Ongkot, a blue Nilaracha, and a black Chaiyampawan. Moreover, there is also a collection of woman’s T-shirt with a drawing of bright and lively banana. Apart from a T-shirt and polo-shirt, the shops also offers other kinds of souvenir such as the New Year’s gift card, a scarf, a set of water bottles, a towel, a notebook, a scratchpad, a bag made of a Pakakayor tribe cloth, a flash drive, a pen and many more. The new-coming collection of “A Nimble Monkey” to welcome the year of Monkey 2016.